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Handover ceremony

Mrs RANOROARISOA Lalanirina has become the Interim General Manager of OMNIS.  This appointment was signed by the Ministry of Mining and Strategic Resources on April 9, 2019.

The new General Manager has almost thirty years of experience as a technician and held various positions at OMNIS. Recently, before being appointed interim General Manager, she had been the Deputy General Manager in charge of Technics.

During her first speech to OMNIS staff, she wanted to recall that « Unity is strengh ! ». She also congratulated the former General Manager regarding her considerable efforts to promote our human, strategic resources. Finally, the new General Manager expressed her willingness to the Minister, RAVOKATRA Fidiniavo about working closely with the line Ministry.

Moreover, Mrs RANAIVOHARILALA Bakoly Nirina has also been appointed  interim General Manager in charge of Management. Like Mrs RANOROARISOA, she held different positions at OMNIS for almost thirty years.

The handover ceremony took place in Mangasoavina on April 12, 2019. The Minister of Mining and Strategic Resources and his close associates ; some representative of the Board of Directors ; and the OMNIS staff attended the ceremony.