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Our mining database gathers any data from mining operations carried out by OMNIS and its partners in Madagascar. The mining database could be considered as a national geological heritage as it contains valuable data such as results of studies, maps and samples.

These data include:

Maps and profiles

Our maps and profiles are made up of:

  • topographic maps and profiles ;
  • Maps of mineral occurences;
  • geological maps and profiles;
  • geochemical maps;
  • Geophysical Maps and profiles including radiometry, spectrometry, magnetometry and emanometry.

Other date

are also available:

  • Geochemical data;
  • Geological data;
  • Geophysical data;
  • Survey and drilling data;
  • Satellite data and aerial photos photo;
  • samples of: rocks, soils and stream sediment;
  • Archives, research reports and books.

Our Services

Our mining database offers the following services:

  • data consultation;
  • samples Consultation;
  • data sales.

Our digital data is presented in Raster, Vector and Table format:

To access our services, you are invited to
consult our guides and procedures.

Maps and Images

Géology of Madagascar

Tranomaro and Esira spectrometry

Research and prospecting work carried out by OMNIS

Uranium anomalies in Madagascar

Uranium anomalies – Tranomaro

Uranium anomalies – Folakara

Uranium anomalies – Makay

Satellite image processing (remonte sensing) of the uranuferous area of Makay

3D model of the Tranomaro uranium deposit

Geological section and mineralisation of the Tranomaro uranium zone

Tranomaro radiometry