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Our team in the mining sector essentially made up of geological engineers, mining engineers and geologists undertake the following activities:

Monitoring of mining companies’ activities

OMNIS monitors mining companies’ operations. Actually, OMNIS has signed mining contracts namely with QMM SA (QIT Madagascar Minerals), MCM (Madagascar Consolidated Mining) and with other companies dealing with uranium exploration and exploitation.

Our objective is to ensure contractual obligations compliance agreed between the parties.

Management of equity portofolio

In order to protect OMNIS’ interests in the contracts in which it holds participation shares, OMNIS also contributes to economic and financial studies of our common project.

Valuing geological data

To guarantee the completeness of our data, regular field works are undertaken by our technicians to collect geological data. Further, any information from partners (including universities)and also any data sourced by satellite investigations are collected.

After being processed and interpreted, these data will be subsequently used to evaluate the potential of each Madagascar’s uranium zone.