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OMNIS activities in the oil and gas sector are performed by experienced and multidisciplinary technical staff, such as geological engineers, petroleum engineers, production engineers, geophysicists and geologists.

These activities include:

Monitoring of oil operations

Any operations related to oil and gas exploration and exploitation in Madagascar are monitored by OMNIS. 

The purpose is to ensure that oil companies operating in Madagascar comply with the obligations as defined in oil contracts signed with OMNIS.

In order to achieve this, we conduct, inter alia, technical meetings with our partners as well as technical and financial audits. 

As regards contracts management, it is done through management committee meetings as set up in contracts. 

Exploitation of E&P data

Various studies have been performed to assess and develop Madagascar hydrocarbon potential. 

These works include: 

  • Geological and geophysical field data acquisition to acquire new geological data and 3D seismic speculative surveys; 
  • Basin modelling based on data analyses and interpretations through mapping, prospect assessments, designs of structural sections and petroleum and petroleum system identification for each zone…;
  • Madagascar sedimentary basins characterization;
  • Technico-economic analyses through studies and economic modelling of upstream oil projects.

The promotion of free petroleum blocks

In order to attract investors to be our partners and be part of the development of the oil and gas industry in Madagascar, OMNIS organize promotional campaigns to promote Malagasy Sedimentary Basins. We are also present in international oil and gas exhibitions and conferences to outline Madagascar oil and gas potential. 

Assistance to oil companies

Following the request of our partners, OMNIS can provide technical and administrative assistance to our partner namely for title delivery related to their activities.

In order to improve our performance, we are optimizing our technological processes by integrating gradually artificial intelligence into our activities.