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The three strategic axes

Become agile

This axis will enable OMNIS to strengthen its internal capacities through changes in organizational and individual behaviour to respond to the evolving environment.

  • the agility and quality approach to value human resources expertise;
  • the implementation of a results-based culture.

Professionalize the professions

Through this axis, OMNIS intends to adopt an ambitious and coherent roadmap to fulfil proactively and efficiently missions to which it was assigned.

This involves:

  • ensuring the control of national geological data;
  • valuing these geological data through promotional actions;
  • articulating the geological data through an information system;
  • accrediting the laboratory.

Asserting social responsibility

This axis aims to initiate new approaches to meet social expectations.

This includes:

  • support to local communities;
  • reflection on the sustainability of resources;
  • implementation of pilot and innovative actions for environmental protection.

Our strengths

Our strengths