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In order to contribute to the State’s objective of improving access to drinking water, among other actions, we have strengthened our capacity in the field of water drilling.
Our collaborators in charge of water drilling operations, including among them a hydraulic engineer, are experienced in working under different conditions and are able to handle the entire water drilling process.

We can offer the following services:

Drilling preparation operations

These include:

  • geophysical surveys to identify aquifer formations in sub-surface;
  • installation and setting up of the platform;
  • mobilisation operations to transport the equipment to the drilling site.

Drilling development operations

These concern:

  • well and pumping development;
  • platform casing and pumping installation;
  • pumping tests;
  • physico-chemical and bacteriological analysis (optional, on request);
  • construction of a curbstone and sanitation area (optional, on request);
  • reporting;
  • demobilisation activities for site retreat.

Other equipment

TWD 200 Drilling Machine

Specifications :

  • Mud or air drilling
  • TWD 200 Diesel engine area of use: Rotary & MFT
  • For drilling diameters from 4″ to 8″
  • Maximum depth 200m.
Air compressor

Specifications :

  • KSZi18/17 Diesel engine 18 000 L/min
  • Pressure: 250psi/ 17 Bar. Wheel mounted, Hose (Air) 2000mm x 51 (20m)
Other equipment

Independent centrifugal sludge pump 600 L/min

Compressor 250 psi (18 bars)

Drilling tools from 6″ to 10″ diameter

Truck KERAX 350 6×4

CATERPILLAR D 6 bulldozer

Generators from 5 to 12 kva

Various site tools: electronic welding station, grinder, drill, etc.

Water level probe

Conductivity measurement

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