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Mainly made up of geological engineers, hydraulic engineers and geologists, our drilling and boring unit conducts works in both sedimentary and crystalline formations in Madagascar.ar.

In support of our mining activities and those of our partners, we offer the following services:

Geotechnical survey

For the securisation of our future works execution, we offer geotechnical survey services including:

  • coring samples for soil hardness tests;
  • dynamic penetrometer tests (Standard Penetrometer Test SPT);
  • pile driving.

      Exploration survey

In this field, we carry out core or destructive surveys as well as vertical or inclined surveys.

In order to adapt to the sites objectives and ensure optimal recovery of the cores, we have several types of corers (double, triple).

Blast hole drilling

As part of our blasthole drilling services, we ensure the programming, organization, implementation and control of drilling activities.

Our Equipment

Using state-of-the-art equipment and meeting expressed needs, our team of technicians provides high-quality services in blastholes drilling, water drilling, exploration and geotechnics surveys. An autonomous survey adapted to all field conditions.


  • Drilling machine with capacity to drill to 1800M depth
  • Core drilling
  • Maximum depth in HQ (800M)
  • Pump
  • Main pump: 28 MPa – 242 l/min
  • Secondary pump: 20 MPa – 122 l/min
  • Auxiliary pump: 21.5 MPa – 47 l/min
  • Hydraulic oil cooling: Air
  • Hydraulic sludge mixer
  • Water flow meter (max 6.4 MPa)
  • Hydraulic slurry pump, Trido 140:
  • Max flow rate: 140 l/min
  • Maximum pressure: 7 MPa (1015 psi)

This is a self-propelled machine, equipped with the following main components:

  • 535 RQD III injection pump
  • Hatz KSB feed pump
  • Electric welding unit
  • Electric generator
  • Autogenous welding kit


  • Destructive drilling: rotary
  • Depth: 15 to 20 m
  • Diameter: 5.08cm (2 ”) to 10.16cm (4 ”)

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