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Why become an OMNIS partner ?

Three good reasons to partner with us.

Our expertise and know-how

You can rely on our staff’s expertise and know-how, built up over 45 years of existence, in different sectors and disciplines. During this period, we have carried out oil and mining activities in collaboration with international partners and organisations that recognise us as a reliable partner in our fields. You will be dealing with people open for discussion and collaboration, and also ready to assist you in your oil and mining projects.

The potential of Malagasy sedimentary basins and uranium zones

To pursue our objective of becoming an oil producing country and promoting our uranium potential, our partners’ investments are essential.  Although under-explored, our sedimentary basins have proven potential with discoveries made in onshore blocks, more particularly, in the Morondava sedimentary basin:

  • Tsimiroro heavy oil deposit is estimated at 1.7 billion barrels;
  • Bemolanga oil sandstone deposit is estimated at 2.85 billion barrels; 
  • Mahaboboka gas deposit is estimated at 22 billion m3.

Regarding the uranium zones, research and prospecting works carried out by the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), as well as those carried out by OMNIS, have led to the conclusion of significant uranium reserves in these zones

Investing in Madagascar

By becoming our partner, not only will you contribute to the socio-economic development of a country with strong potential, but you will also have the privilege of appreciating our rich fauna and flora adding our mixed culture.

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