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Our greatest strength

Our collaborators are our major strength and our key asset in carrying out our missions, which involve meeting the huge challenges in our sectors of activity. In this regard, we have always made the personal fulfilment and professional development of our collaborators a priority by providing them with a working environment that ensures their dynamism, motivation, efficiency and commitment to our objectives.

A stable presence of more than 40 years in strategic and international sectors has given us a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience and knowledge of our activities. It is a team that integrates highly qualified technicians who are able to assist our stakeholders and provide professional services.

Our strength also stems from this common life during which we have been able to draw from our differences and diversity the basis to be a united and cohesive team: “the big family of OMNIS”.

Evolving in a motivating working environment

It is an important objective for us to continuously improve the working environment of our collaborators. It is in this perspective that we periodically invest in the renovation of our offices to provide them with a safe and healthy working environment and to ensure that they have the necessary working tools to perform their duties.

To support our collaborators in their careers and ensure their performance, we focus on the continuous development and strengthening of their competences. Following their missions, they can benefit from local and external training Collaboration with our partners also allows our technicians to follow technical training in various fields related to our sectors of activity. The objective is to constantly adapt and improve the skills of our collaborators.

In addition to our salary and social protection policy, we offer our collaborators a stimulating and friendly working environment through sports activities, parties, team-building sessions and improved internal communication tools.

For the achievement of our objectives

In line with the spirit of our new strategy and to help us meet our objectives, our employees have been initiated to Results-Based Management to strengthen teamwork in achieving results and to make everyone accountable for their commitment to it, always with a view to motivate our team, whose success is positively rewarded.