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Our mining laboratory offers both internal and external services.

These services include:

Mechanical preparation and ores processing

We perform two types of mineral processing and upgrading testing both, physical processing and chemical processing.
The following services are available :

Sample preparation and processing

Regarding the preparation of samples, we provide the following services:

  • Drying (at several temperature ranges)
  • Grinds to different granulation sizes
    (2 mm to 75 …)
  • Granulometric analysis (several standard series of sieves)
  • Sieving: dry and wet

We operate in various fields such as geology, mining, civil engineering and materials. We are able to process daily 60 samples at a rate of 5 kilos per sample (rock, mineral).

Mineral chemicals analyses

We also perform a range of inorganic single-element or multi-element chemical analyzes and physico-chemical characterizations of samples (rocks, soil, ores, water, etc.).

We are able to analyze:

We work in the fields of mining research, geology and the environment. 

We can analyze :

  • For ICP-MS :  up to 200 samples per day with a very low detection limit of around 0.01 ppb (µg / kg);
  • For XRF : up to 30 samples per day with a detection limit of the order of 0.5 ppm (mg/kg).