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Our petroleum laboratory offers both internal and external services, namely:

  • biostratigraphic studies;
  • geochemical and physico-chemical analysis;
  • petrographic, mineralogical and sedimentological studies and analysis.

Biostratigraphic studies:

Our services in this area include:

  • foraminifera studies during which we carry out:
    • extraction of foraminifera;
    • blade design;
    • observation;
    • identification and determination;
    • interpretation.
  • calcareous nannofossil studies covering:
    • extraction of nannofossils;
    • the assembly of the blades;
    • interpretation.
  • palynological studies including:
    • the extraction of palynomorphs(spores, pollen, Acritarches, …);
    • characterization of the maturation of organic materials;
    • the assembly of the palynological and palynofacies slides;
    • interpretation.

Geochemical and physicochemical analyses

These analyses include:

  • physico-chemical analyses which relate to:
  • geochemical analyses including: 
  • other services including:
    • water analysis: Hydrocarbons dosage, pH measurement, salinity, alkalinity, …;
    • sludge analysis: density, Hydrocarbons dosage, … 
    • plugs conditioning.

Petrographic, mineralogical and sedimentological studies and analyses

Our expertise in this area consists of:

  • petrographic studies including studies and making of thin sections (thin section polished section, thin section covered) as well as vacuum impregnation.
  • mineralogical studies including sample preparation before mineralogical studies, qualitative as well as quantitative mineralogical analyses.
  • sedimentological studies including sample preparation, dry particle size analysis, grain morphoscopic analysis, grain mineral studies and interpretation as well as study report.