OMNIS, exhibitor at the 24th Africa Oil Week

Madagascar has been successfully represented in the largest international oil and gas event for Sub-Saharan and Maghreb-North Africa.

Led by his General Manager, OMNIS stood as an exhibitor and participated in the Session 8 panel : African Investment in Global Context. The aim of this session was to discuss about Africa’s upstream oil and gas market: the offers, the opportunities and the issues.

According to the General Manager, Madagascar is “a land of opportunities for investors”. Although there are 13 IOCs performing intensive exploration activities, the island is still underexplored in the hydrocarbon domain. At this moment, lots of onshore as well as offshore blocks remain free and are seeking for serious investors. For instance, 45 offshore blocks out of 96 blocks in West Morondava are now subject to competitive bidding.

OMNIS’ participation in the exhibition is expected to bring Madagascar’s huge potential on the front scene as the AOW is a meeting place to grow network. In addition, this event brings together all the relevant actors in the gas and oil market such as : Governments, national oil companies, investors …

The 24th Africa Oil Week 2017 was held in Cape Town, South Africa from October 23-27, 2017.