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Coopération between OMNIS and ONHYM

OMNIS, in collaboration with ONHYM is working on Madagascar’s own chronostratigraphic charter. This charter will provide all the useful informations about the origin of malagasy’sedimentary basin. The data will be available for the oil companies which comes to invest in. Thus, this project is going to facilitate the geological layers studies and will increase the odds of finding oil in Madagascar.

Actually, oil explorations in Madagascar are based on a Chronostratigraphic charter designed by each company.This is not a common pratice. Indeed, the lack of standard charter could lead to different interpretations about the presence of oil or not in the area. Hence the need to establish one single charter. OMNIS takes charge of the project as the first responsible of the local upstream oil sector.

Some OMNIS’ technicians have recently received the support of the Dr. Youssi Mohamed Zakaria, Head of the ONHYM Biostratigraphy Department. They attended more than one week of training courses related to the chronostratigraphic charter at OMNIS’ premises.

The conception of the charter began with the reorganization and reorientation of the existing biostratigraphic data. In addition, the training have strengthened the basic and specific skills of these from the technical divisions agents.

The training took place from March 04 to 17, 2019. It follows the preliminary agreement on technical assistance between OMNIS and ONHYM during the knowledge transfert phase held in Maroc on july 2017.




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The black gold of Madagascar target

The black gold of Madagascar target