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Uranium Potential

The Uranium occurrences in Madagascar are divided  into 4 mains areas. The exploration has been undertaken for several years:
  • The Neogene lacustrine basin of Antsirabe where secondary uranium mineralization occurs in small and erratic lenses. Several hundred tons of uranium have been reported in this area.
  • Uranium in pegmatitic formations (Betafo Faratsiho ,Near Soavinandriana Itasy ...) , and also in detrital or sedimentary formations (Vinaninkarena ...) The operating and ore processing tests were performed Vinaninkarena ; pegmatites were the operating object for niobotantalates uranium ( and other Betafite ) . Uranium can be held in several minerals such betafite , ampangabeite , samarskite , euxenite , fergusonite included pegmatites in Antsirabe - Faratsiho area .
Companies partners: PAMA (Pan African Mining Atomic) - PETRA Madagascar have allowed research on this region.
  • The region of Fort Dauphin, in the extreme south-eastern Madagascar, where uranothorianite occurs in calcomagnesian Shale Tranomaro Group.
Companies partners: URAMAD - PAMA (Pan African Mining Atomic ) - BLUE SUN MINING - ENERGY CORPORATION MADAGASCAR - MINERALS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION - MADAGASCAR MINERALS FIELDS performed work Uranium exploration in this area
  •  Sedimentary system areas Karoo West , North West (Folakara) and southwest (Makay) , where the secondary uranium minerals are uranovanadate (carnotite) or francevillite ore.
Companies partners: PAMA (Pan African Mining Atomic) - URAMAD exploration campaign carried out the survey in this region