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Order No. 75-035 of 12 November 1975 marks the creation of OMNIS, then called "National Military Office for Strategic Industries". Its status as a State body is then confirmed by Ordinance No. 076-007 of March 20, 1976. Law No. 99-033 changes its name to "Office of National Mines and Strategic Industries."
At that time, his main missions were:
  • Define the national policy on military and / or strategic industries;
  • Study and propose any measure to promote and develop the activities of OMNIS;
  • Monitor and coordinate the activities of the sub-trust companies;
  • Conduct or commission research, studies and investments according to OMNIS contract, convention or own resources;
  • Conduct or monitor research and exploitation of military and / or strategic mining resources (Order No. 076-007).
Current missions:
Since its creation, many achievements have been made in both oil exploration and mining exploration:
  • Exploration of the Tsimiroro heavy oil deposit;
  • Exploration of the Bemolanga bituminous sandstone deposit;
  • Uraniferous Exploration in Taolagnaro, Antsirabe, Ihosy, etc.
Directors-General who have succeeded each other since the existence of the Office:
DG sucessif FR
With more than 40 years of existence, OMNIS, to better get to know the public, has recently opted for a new graphic chart.
Its logo as well as its new slogan: "Committed to a better future" marks its determination and commitment as a major player in
the economic development of Madagascar. Organizational chart
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